The Lady Frances Ffolkes Mysteries

sapphirehighresWhen Major Colcombe, a family friend and war veteran, dies under mysterious circumstances, the good Lady Frances discovers that he was working on a manuscript about South Africa’s bloody Boer War, which reportedly revealed a scandalous mistake that cost many innocent lives. Now, it’s up to Frances and her loyal lady’s maid, June Mallow, to track down the missing manuscript and bring the killer to justice.

Frances corners a dying Whitehall powerbroker, a desperate member of parliament, and an elderly general in her quest. And despite clashes with Scotland Yard and the British Secret Service, Frances never backs down and finds herself in several very unfortunate positions–and one very fortunate love triangle. Published by Crooked Lane Books.

What the Critics Say

“Upstairs teams with downstairs in this thoroughly entertaining, witty Edwardian mystery debut… A solid choice for fans of Robin Paige and Downton Abbey.”
Library Journal

“[A] refreshing debut… Readers will look forward to seeing more of Frances in the promised sequel.”
Publishers Weekly

“Lady Frances is a strong, clever protagonist, in the mold of Frances Brody’s Kate Shackleton and Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs.”

“Fans of both Downton Abbey and Agatha Christie will embrace the subtly witty, refreshingly unconventional heroine in Koreto’s debut series.”
RT Book Reviews

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rubies-revisedLady Frances Ffolkes is incensed when she finds out that her dear friends Gwendolyn and Thomasina have been subject to vicious threats. Promising to uncover their attacker, she travels with them to Kestrel’s Eyrie, the fabled estate belonging to Gwen’s family. But soon Frances faces an even greater problem, when Gwen’s father, a powerful diplomat, is stabbed to death with his prized ruby dagger.

Everyone is keeping secrets: a charming Turkish diplomat with a habit of sneaking off into the night, a brash American heiress with lofty dreams of becoming mistress of the Eyrie, two gossiping widows, and Gwen’s own aunt. Frances, with her feisty maid Mallow protecting her, realizes that old sins do indeed cast long shadows, even as her investigations may lead the killer to her own door. Published by Crooked Lane Books.

What the Critics Say

“Koreto’s second case for his titled heroine is devilishly clever and written with unmistakable verve.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A very enjoyable series… Koreto has definitely made a mark in the writing world: He is a superb writer of the beloved upstairs/downstairs mystery.”
Suspense Magazine

“Koreto’s appealing sequel…nicely blends international intrigue and affairs of the heart.”
-–Publishers Weekly

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An elderly family friend commissions Frances to find Helen, a stunningly beautiful actress who vanished 30 years ago.  Frances and Mallow immerse themselves in the glamorous world of Edwardian theater and London’s latest craze—motion pictures. They visit the venerable Emerald Theatre, and Frances interviews aging actors who are still in love with the memory of the beguiling Helen. Passions are stirred up, as one old suitor is murdered and another, long presumed dead, secretly threatens them. Will Frances’ new skills in Japanese martial arts be enough to save them?

Frances and Mallow follow clues to a forgotten grave outside of London, which contains a mysterious biblical inscription—and a shocking secret. Frances finally assembles the pieces, and with Mallow as stage manager, produces her own play to uncover a decades-old conspiracy, reveal a killer—and find the remarkable Helen. Published by Crooked Lane Books.

What the Critics Say

Lady Frances’s engaging third case is a good bet for fans of Rhys Bowen and Kate Saunders and for lovers of Downton Abbey.”
–Library Journal

“Koreto’s third period mystery, beautifully appointed and written with measured authority, reads uncannily like a reprinting of an authentic novel from the early 20th century.”
–Kirkus Reviews

Available in November 2017. Pre-order now.